Revisión crítica actualizada sobre la obturación con el sistema Thermafil y su sucesorGuttacore

  1. Valencia de Pablo, Oliver
  2. Algar Pinilla, Juan
  3. Estévez Luaña, Roberto
  4. Cisneros Cabello, Rafael
  5. Gómez Sueiras, Marta Amparo
Científica dental: Revista científica de formación continuada

ISSN: 1697-6398 1697-641X

Year of publication: 2014

Volume: 11

Issue: 1

Pages: 21-31

Type: Article

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The root filling system Thermafil is based on a plastic carrier covered by gutta-percha. Its successor, GuttaCore, consists of a crosslinked gutta-percha core with the purpose of facilitate its removal keeping the good properties offered by the thermoplastic gutta-percha. The aim of this review is to describe both based - in - carrier root filling systems Thermafil and GuttaCore and analyze some of the most important aspects of the endodontic obturation such as the sealing ability, the easiness of retreatment and the apical leakage. For this we have carried out a literature search through Medline using publications after the year 2002, except for the inclusion of older articles because of its importance. As a result, we found that Thermafil System achieves hermetic and tridimensional obturations in all kinds of root canals except in resorptive cavities and in the absence of the apical constriction. Its learning curve is fast as well as the time of its performance. The disadvantages of this system are the longer time for the removal of the carrier and the often overextended obturations. The GuttaCore system seems to facilitate the retreatment’s time but there are no studies about its longterm outcome. Given that most of the studies on Thermafil’s behavior has been performed ex vivo, the results cannot be directly extrapolated to the clinical practice.