Los primeros pasos del reportaje inmersivo con vídeo en 360º

  1. María José Benítez de Gracia 1
  2. Susana Herrera Damas 1
  1. 1 Universidad Carlos III de Madrid

    Universidad Carlos III de Madrid

    Madrid, España

    ROR https://ror.org/03ths8210

Historia y comunicación social

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The aim of this contribution is to trace a historical journey through the main steps of immersive feature based on an exhaustive bibliographical review of the academic and professional literature on the subject. We have also added the viewing of international well-known videos and with in-depth interviews with some of the Spanish experts in the field. We have also confronted the findings with the conduction of a MOOC on the subject, offered by the University of Texas in Austin between March and April 2017. Results confirm the increasing production of this type of storytelling, its numerous applications for journalism and the relevant role played by some of the large media companies in collaboration with smaller ones and independent producers.

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