Uso de twitter como herramienta de investigación en ciencias de la salud

  1. Carlos Santiago Romero Magdalena
  2. Alejandro Lendínez Mesa
  3. Iván Herrera Peco

ISSN: 1696-8077

Any de publicació: 2019

Volum: 14

Número: 1

Tipus: Article

Altres publicacions en: Biociencias


The aim of this study is shown how social media, Twitter specificaclly, can to be used as a research tools by Health sciences researchers.Usually researchers have used traditional databases to study health-related topics, but nowadays social media could offer a huge quantity of data sources, generated by users themselves, for health research.The Twitter-based studies selected in this review, shown how Twitter represent an important tool for health research, both quantitative or qualitative research. But Twitter too can be considered as a perfect way to develop information and eductional campaings focused in Health, a way to fight against fakenews in health or even serve to develop epidemiological studies too.In summary Twitter represents a powerful instrument to Health researchers due to its utility as data source. We consider that the use of social media, as a research tool, is something necessary and researchers should be trained in its use