Ganancia de hueso alveolar en pacientes periodontales tratados mediante intrusión ortodóncica

  1. Marcos Ortiz Hoffmann 1
  2. Iván Nieto Sánchez 1
  3. Javier de la Cruz Pérez 1
  4. Inés Díaz Renovales 1
  1. 1 Universidad Alfonso X el Sabio

    Universidad Alfonso X el Sabio

    Villanueva de la Cañada, España


Revista Española de Ortodoncia

ISSN: 0210-0576

Year of publication: 2017

Volume: 47

Issue: 3

Pages: 161-169

Type: Article

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Aim: To assess changes in periodontal tissues produced after periodontal treatment and movement of orthodontic intrusion with fixed appliances in the anterior segment in adult patients with intrabony defects caused by periodontal disease. Materials and Methods: Inclusion criteria were set and a search was conducted in the electronic base PubMed and EBSCO until 05.01.2016, selecting those studies that measured the clinical attachment level, effects on bone structures, length of clinical crown, root resorption, and stability. Results: A total of 150 publications, six studies moderate evidence for review were chosen. The combination of orthodontic and periodontal treatment resulted in a realignment of teeth with intrabony defects extruded, significantly reducing probing depth and improving insertion without statistically significant adverse outcomes. Discussion: This combination treatment appears to provide predictable and positive results in the measured parameters, in addition to reporting long-term stability. But we cannot draw definitive conclusions because it is a study of limited evidence. Further studies with higher levels of evidence are needed