Desarrollo de competencias profesionales para prevenir las agresiones a través de la simulación virtual en estudiantes de enfermería: ensayo clínico aleatorizado

  1. Raquel Caballero de la Calle
Supervised by:
  1. Juan Vicente Benéit Montesinos Director
  2. Luis Iván Mayor Silva Director

Defence university: Universidad Complutense de Madrid

Year of defence: 2022

  1. Héctor González Ordi Chair
  2. María de las Mercedes Gómez del Pulgar García-Madrid Secretary
  3. María del Carmen Prado Laguna Committee member
  4. Almudena Crespo Cañizares Committee member
  5. María Cristina Barneto Valero Committee member

Type: Thesis


The present study is titled “The formation of communicational and attitudinal competences of nursing students to face the aggressions towards health professionals. Randomized and controlled trial on virtual clinical simulation vs. the traditional method (text)”.Violence, contextualized between individuals, is a social phenomenon represented by actions that are mainly intergroup causes of conflicts, not omitting the possibility that it is interindividual in nature. In general, violence has direct effects on intergroup logic, which implies that the phenomenon is usually oriented towards a person belonging to a certain group, anger, attack, insult, etc. destining itself towards said belonging or category, seeking to alter the personal dimension, as well as the social identity. Assaults on health professionals happen daily, future professionals needing to learn to act in these situations. It is necessary to evaluate the effects of simulation as a methodology for learning communicational and attitudinal competences towards the preventive reduction or nullification of attacks on health professionals...