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Our researchers are focused on understanding and exploring the complex dynamics of health-related information and disinformation on social media platforms. Through detailed analysis, we seek to identify trends, patterns, and sources of information to promote a clearer and more accurate understanding of health issues in social media. Furthermore, we focus on analyzing the competencies and skills needed for the effective generation and application of knowledge in health, including health literacy, considering the psychosocial interactions that can influence this process. We seek to understand how psychological and social factors impact the acquisition and application of health knowledge, both at the level of health professionals themselves and at the level of the population, with the aim of improving health practice and decision-making. Finally, we comprehensively address the issue of transparency and ethics in the development of scientific knowledge. We focus on implementing sound methodological approaches that foster integrity and trustworthiness in research while maintaining high ethical standards in the collection, analysis, and presentation of scientific data. By applying robust ethical principles and innovative methodological approaches, we aim to strengthen trust in the scientific community and the public.