Injerto de tejido conectivo en el tratamiento de recesiones gingivalesA propósito de dos casos

  1. Norberto Quispe López
  2. Pablo Garrido Martínez
  3. Beatriz Malpica Morales
  4. Ana García-Faria García
  5. Araceli Morales Sánchez
Gaceta dental: Industria y profesiones

ISSN: 1135-2949

Year of publication: 2014

Issue: 261

Pages: 138-148

Type: Article

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The coating of exposed root surfaces has become an integral part of our surgical practice. The bilaminar techniques consist of a connective tissue graft (ITC) obtained inside the cleft fibromucosa placed on a recipient site and covered by a pedicled flap. The success of these techniques is that the ITC receives a double blood supply, reducing the risk of graft necrosis and increasing the predictability of root coverage. We present two cases of a female patient, 18-year-old woman came to our clinic for aesthetic reasons. The surgical technique used to solve these cases, using the classification of Miller, consisted of a subepithelial connective tissue of the palate combined with coronally advanced flap, obtaining excellent aesthetic results.