Manejo endodóntico y quirúrgico ante una reabsorción cervical invasiva. Revisión de la literatura. A propósito de un caso

  1. Quispe López, Norberto
  2. Alonso Ezpeleta, Luis Oscar
  3. Mena Álvarez, Jesús
  4. Morales Sánchez, Araceli
  5. Garrido Martínez, Pablo
  6. García-Faria García, Carmen
Científica dental: Revista científica de formación continuada

ISSN: 1697-6398 1697-641X

Year of publication: 2014

Volume: 11

Issue: 3

Pages: 19-24

Type: Article

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Introduction: Invasive cervical resorption (ICR) is a type of external resorption. ICR is the loss of dental hard tissue as a result of odontoclastic action. It usually begins on the cervical region of the root surface of the teeth. Objetive: To present a clinical case describing the protocol to an invasive cervical resorption and literature review of etiology, diagnosis and treatment. Clinical case: Female patient of 19 years of age, without medical history of interest, who went to the consultation due to presenting a pink coronal discoloration at the labial surface in the cervical region of the right central upper incisor. There was no pain on percussion and palpation. The tooth reacted negative to pulp sensitivity testing. After rigorous analysis, the treatment took place in two phases, nonsurgical therapy followed by surgical treatment. Reconstruction of the defect was achieved using resin ionomer cement. Conclusion: It is important for endodontists to understand the periodontal and restorative aspects to treating ICR. After the treatment, the patient was satisfied with the esthetic result.