Comparativa de las dietas milagro existentes en la actualidad, y sus efectos negativos sobre la salud

  1. Fernando Zaragozá Arnáez
  2. María Del Carmen Lozano Estevan

ISSN: 1696-8077

Year of publication: 2018

Volume: 13

Issue: 1

Type: Article

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NUTRITION is an unconscious, involuntary activity whereby our body receives nutrients, transforms them and uses them to carry out the homeostasis, growth and reproduction functions. Therefore, a balanced diet shall be responsible for providing all these necessary nutrients. On the contrary, wonder diets promise one will lose weight fast withrelatively little effort and do not have any nutritional basis whatsoever. Diets can be divided into the following groups: low-calorie diets, dissociated diets, elimination-type diets (ketogenic, high-calorie or low-fat and low-protein diets, and high-protein or low-fat and low-carbohydrate diets), mono diets, crash and belief-based diets and psychological diets.Upon analysing all the wonder diets found and analysed in this bibliographic review, it can therefore be concluded that the only possible way to get proper nutrition is through a balanced diet. There are no shortcuts in the field of nutrition and all the promises inherent to this type of diets will only result in an inadequate nutrition.