Utilización de membranas como tratamientos terciarios para regenearción de aguas residuales: membranas cerámicas

  1. Mª Teresa Diez González
  2. Cristina de la Macorra García
Tecnología y desarrollo

ISSN: 1696-8085

Year of publication: 2014

Issue: 12

Type: Article

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Water is a common and limited good and care is needed, so in many cases, regeneration of water is essential. Depending on the uses for which it is intended the reclaimed water, and within the available technology, treatment will be one or the other. Currently there are many water tertiary treatments, although the most used are chlorination, ozonation, UV and membrane technology. In particular, the ceramic membrane technology has some significant advantages in efficiency and maintenance respect to other. Although today is a developing technology that has investment costs somewhat higher than the rest, is shown as one of the best technologies for these types of treatments