Producción y Captación de Biogás para su empleo en Usos No Convencionales

  1. Juan José Graña Magariños
  2. Cristina de la Macorra García
  3. Pedro Rincón Arévalo
Tecnología y desarrollo

ISSN: 1696-8085

Year of publication: 2015

Issue: 13

Type: Article

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This article briefly summarizes the production biogas technology in MSW landfills. To do this, first the factors that influence its production are described. Below is stated and explained in a simplified manner the production model developed. The software created for this purpose is called GENBIVER (Landfill Biogas Generation). Their calculation bases adopted, their different input variables are explained. Besides the software developed is used in two different examples. The first one on a large landfill and the second one on a landfill of reduced size. Finally, the degree of reliability in the model obtained is checked. To do this, the results provided by the managing company are compared with the results of GENBIVER. After, this biogas produced is proposed for possible unconventional uses such as injection of natural gas grids, its use as a fuel for vehicles and its use in fuel cells, focusing on Molten Carbonate (MCFC) and Solid Oxide (SOFC). Finally, the situation of the sector in Spain, major plants, final destination of biogas obtained, etc. is summarized.