Optimización de las condiciones de fermentación de jugos de tabaco.

  1. Herrero Gamarro, N
  2. de la Macorra García, C
  3. Rincón Arévalo, P
Tecnología y desarrollo

ISSN: 1696-8085

Year of publication: 2015

Issue: 13

Type: Article

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New policies on energy as well as the not so recent concern for the environment promote the search for new sources of ene rgy to ensure sufficient, affordable supplies, and which in turn are en vironmentally sustainable. At present, no known renewable energy can no, by itself, meet these premises, however we are in a period of transition in which the energy use of non-food crops is increasingly more widespread; in this context, given that Spain is the leading producer of tobacco in Europe are developing new avenues of research to make this growing the raw m aterial for obtaining numerous substances of eco nomic interest; an alternative is th e production of bioethanol. This work seeks to optimize the conditions for fermentation of tobacco for use as energy crops.