¿Como influye el tratamiento de ortodoncia en la salud periodontal?

  1. Elisa Darque
  2. Marta Macarena Paz Cortés

ISSN: 1696-8077

Year of publication: 2020

Volume: 15

Issue: 2

Type: Article

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Introduction:Periodontal disease is a pathology that affects many adult patients who come to thedental clinic. And it is even more present in patients who wear fixed orthodontic appliances. The different movements that can be performed in orthodontics have to be studied in order to fully understand the influence that they have on the tooth and that periodontal disease can produce.Aim:Our principal aim was to find the association between periodontal disease and orthodontic treatment.Material and method:A bibliographic review was carried out in the PubMed / Medline, Scielo and Dialnet databases, mainly published in these five years.We useddifferent databases.Results/Discussion:authors debate the fact that periodontal disease increases in putting fixed appliances. CPI (Community Periodontal Index) values increase and in some studies the loss of insertion also. However, theauthors seem to agree that the aligners have fewer negative effects on periodontal health. And everyone says that when you remove the appliance, the state becomes as it did before starting orthodontic therapy.Conclusion:Although more research is required, it appears that periodontal disease is related to orthodontic treatment. There are orthodontic appliances that are more likely to retain bacterial plaque. Likewise, good hygiene is essential for the good maintenance of periodontal health. Auxiliary methods seem to help in this, although more studies are needed to demonstrate this.