El emprendimiento como propuesta de cambio y herramienta clave para acercar la formación universitaria a la realidad social del mercado laboral 

  1. Presentación A. Caballero García
  2. Esmeralda Guillén Tortajada
  3. Pilar Jiménez Martínez
El desafío de emprender en la escuela del siglo XXI: actas del simposio internacional. Sevilla, 18 y 19 de diciembre de 2017
  1. Antonio Bernal-Guerrero

Publisher: Universidad de Sevilla

ISBN: 978-84-6977-845-6

Year of publication: 2018

Volume: 1

Pages: 2-22

Congress: Simposio Internacional El desafío de emprender en la escuela del siglo XXI (1. 2017. Sevilla)

Type: Conference paper


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The discussion on the potential role of Higher education to prepare for the labour market has always given a great interest in our society and it is an unresolved need today. Despite of the changes promoted by the European convergence process to the Spanish universities, the student training still lacks the skills demanded by the 21st century society and the business world. The entrepreneurial spirit transmitted by the teachers in the classrooms would respond to this social necessity and would help to introduce university students to the working world that is in a high demand nowadays. But is the entrepreneurial capacity teachable? Can it be evaluated? The review of the most recent literature is ambiguous about its evaluation (attitude, value, competence, ability, personality trait, intention), and this difficulties an effective design about entrepreneurship development plans among our students. The work we present is reasonably positioned in the aspect to be measured and offers a proposal for innovation aimed to encourage the entrepreneurial competences in the university students, and taken together, the emotional intelligence, happiness and creativity as facilitator elements for a higher academic performance and as key tools for their incorporation into the labour market.