Tres sonatas de oposición de Francisco Gutiérrez (1762-1828) en la catedral primada de Toledo: estudio y edición

  1. Miguel Ángel Ríos Muñoz
Nassarre: Revista aragonesa de musicología

ISSN: 0213-7305

Year of publication: 2020

Volume: 36

Issue: 1

Pages: 195-231

Type: Article

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As a result of the cataloging of the musical archives of the Cathedral of Toledo, three anonymous sonatas came to light: one for violin, onether for oboe and one last for flute. In the present article these three compositions will be studied to know mainly their authorship, for what and who they were composed and their musical style. Thanks to secondary sources preserved in the archive, such as various lists of works produced throughout the activity of the Toledo musical chapel, capitular acts and correspondence, we will conclude that these three works were composed by the musician Francisco Gutiérrez. the oppositions that were made in 1803 and 1804.