Efectos inmediatos del ejercicio isotónico versus isométrico sobre el umbral mecánico del hombro en individuos sin dolor. Un estudio piloto

  1. Martín-Pérez, Sebastián 12
  2. Alonso-Pérez, José Luis 12
  3. Alonso-Sal, Alexandra 12
  4. Barragán Carballar, Carlos 12
  5. Sosa-Reina, María Dolores 12
  6. Martín-Pérez, Isidro 3
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Scientific Medical Data

ISSN: 2604-7071

Datum der Publikation: 2022

Art: Artikel

DOI: 10.24175/SBD.2022.000092 GOOGLE SCHOLAR lock_openOpen Access editor

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Acute exercise induces analgesia by increasing the mechanical threshold in patients suffering from some type of musculoskeletal pain. However, few studies have been conducted comparing immediate changes in pain sensitivity after an isometric versus an isotonic muscle contraction task in pain-free individuals.