Reconstrucción maxilar con un implante subperióstico en un caso de atrofia severa. De la planificación a la rehabilitación siguiendo un protocolo totalmente digital. A propósito de un caso clínico y revisión bibliográfica

  1. Pablo Garrido Martínez 1
  2. Néstor Montesdeoca 2
  3. G. Esparza Gómez 3
  4. Norberto Quispe López 4
  5. José Luis Cebrián Carretero 5
  1. 1 Universidad Alfonso X el Sabio

    Universidad Alfonso X el Sabio

    Villanueva de la Cañada, España


  2. 2 Hospital da Luz

    Hospital da Luz

    Lisboa, Portugal


  3. 3 Universidad Complutense de Madrid. Facultad de Odontología
  4. 4 Universidad de Salamanca

    Universidad de Salamanca

    Salamanca, España


  5. 5 Hospital Universitario La Paz

    Hospital Universitario La Paz

    Madrid, España


Científica dental: Revista científica de formación continuada

ISSN: 1697-6398 1697-641X

Any de publicació: 2023

Volum: 20

Número: 1

Pàgines: 23-30

Tipus: Article

Altres publicacions en: Científica dental: Revista científica de formación continuada


Introduction: Customized subperiosteal titanium implants, designed from planning and fabrication software, constitute an alternative in the rehabilitation of severe maxillary atrophy, avoiding more complex bone and soft reconstruction surgeries and reducing healing times. The aim of this article is to present the rehabilitation in a clinical case with severe atrophy in the upper jaw, using a structure with subperiosteal implants, by means of a digital protocol. Clinical Case: A subperiosteal sintered titanium structure was fabricated with six transepithelial connections that were rehabilitated with an immediate implant-supported fixed prosthesis made of PMMA. Two months later, a sintered Chromium-Cobalt framework with machined bases covered with acrylic resin teeth was fabricated as the final restoration. At oneyear follow-up, the case remains stable. Conclusions: Nowadays, rehabilitation with subperiosteal implants is an alternative tool in cases of complex surgeries with large atrophies with the possibility of immediate loading.