Faculty: Facultad de Estudios Sociales y Lenguas Aplicadas

Area: Biomedicine and Health Sciences

Email: manelvt@uax.es

Personal web: https://www.manelvalcarce.com

Doctor by the Universitat de Lleida with the thesis Influencia del uso de la tecnología en la adherencia de la práctica física sobre los usuarios de centros de fitness 2020. Supervised by Dr. Vicente Javaloyes Sanchis.

In reference to my academic background, I hold a PhD in Physical Activity and Sport from the doctorate school of the Universitat de Lleida in 2020, with outstanding grades and a mention in sports management. Since 1999, I have a Bachelor's degree in Physical Education from the INEF of Lleida. In 2003, I graduated in Business Sciences from the Faculty of Economics of the Universitat de Lleida, and in 2006, I completed a Master's in Sports Administration and Management at the Complutense University of Madrid through the Olympic University Institute in Sports Sciences, in addition to receiving more than 40 specific courses and training in my field of action. My research has focused on the study of management, marketing, and technology in the sports and fitness sector. As a result of these research efforts, I have published numerous articles in scientific journals and have written several book chapters, along with another book as a co-author. I have published in congress proceedings books, directed the Sport Business Symposium in 10 editions, and have participated in various research projects, notably at the international level the eLF Project, FELT2, New Health 2022, New Health 2024, and EduPASS funded by the European Commission, in addition to being a speaker at more than 80 conferences, workshops, and national and international courses in the field of marketing, management, and technology in sports. In the informative section, I have carried out 30 technical reports on business models in the fitness sector and the use of the web and social networks by Spanish gyms. Furthermore, I have written more than 100 articles in various magazines, mainly Gym Factory, Deporcam, Instalaciones Deportivas Hoy, and Body Life. Likewise, I am a member of the board of directors of the Círculos de Gestores Deportivos de Madrid, a founding member of AEDESA and AECODE, in addition to being a Registered Member No. 8709 of COPLEF Madrid. Regarding teaching activities, I am currently employed as a professor at the Universidad Alfonso X el Sabio (UAX), where I am the Head of Studies of the Degree in Sports Management and teach various subjects in official and proprietary Masters, performing evaluation tasks for master's thesis projects. Previously, I was at the International University of Valencia (VIU) teaching in Degrees and Masters in addition to developing teaching materials and leading the development and direction of the Official University Master's Degree in Sports Management. Along with the notable teaching experience mentioned above, I participate as a professor in the Official Master's in Management and Organization of Physical Activity and Sport Facilities at the University of Alcalá, in the Official Master's Degree in Sports Management of the INEFC Catalunya, and in various expert courses at the University of Castilla-La Mancha and the University of Seville. In relation to my professional experience outside the teaching field, it is noteworthy that since 2007 I am the founder and managing director of Valgo Investment, a company dedicated to consultancy and advising businesses, with extensive experience in sports management. Since January 2022, I have been in charge of the sports management area at the Training Department of the Royal Spanish Football Federation. Since May 2017, I am a founding partner and marketing manager of Valte, a technological consultancy and Spin Off from the University of Seville. Between 2002 and 2007, I served as the managing director of the Spanish Federation of Aerobics and Fitness, and between 2009 and 2013, I was the manager and communication officer of the General Council of Official Colleges of Graduates in PE and CAFD.