¿Es el consumo de carne y derivados peligroso para la salud? Relación con el riesgo de cáncer colorrectal y otras enfermedades degenerativas

  1. Paloma Celada Rodríguez
  2. Francisco José Sánchez-Muniz
Anales de la Real Academia Nacional de Farmacia

ISSN: 1697-4298 0034-0618

Year of publication: 2016

Volume: 82

Issue: 1

Pages: 68-90

Type: Article

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: The excessive intake of meat and meat products has been related with increased morbi- mortality incidence of chronic diseases, particularly with cardiovascular diseases and various types of cancer. Very recently the WHO has published a preliminary inform associating meat products consumption with colorectal cancer, suggesting that this association is based in the presence of different compounds (e.g. nitrites, nitrates) that are normally present in in those foods, especially in modified meat products that are suggested to culinary procedures. Nonetheless, although risk and alarm exist, several items pointed out in this inform has, to the best of our knowledge, limitations that we will try to indicate and review, particularly those of derived from observational studies where the cause- effect relationship found did not fit the criteria demanded By Hill for Epidemiological studies. Thus, present review discuses in the frame of the meat and meat products the following items: 1) definition; 2) consumption in Spain; 3) nutritional importance; 4) consumption health risks; 5) potential toxic products in meat products, the WHO inform; 6) other dietary compounds and their palliative role in the meat- pathology relationship; 7; the role and importance of the media in the news; 8) conclusions and future remarks.