Grado de conocimiento sobre traumatismos dentales por profesorado de Educación Primaria en la Comunidad de Madrid

  1. Belén Granja pachecho
  2. Mª Fe Riolobos González 1
  3. Lourdes García-Navas Fernández de la Puebla 1
  1. 1 Universidad Alfonso X el Sabio

    Universidad Alfonso X el Sabio

    Villanueva de la Cañada, España


Científica dental: Revista científica de formación continuada

ISSN: 1697-6398 1697-641X

Year of publication: 2018

Volume: 15

Issue: 2

Pages: 7-13

Type: Article

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Aim: Analyze the degree of knowledge and mode of action of Primary Education teachers in a traumatic dentoalveolar urgency during school hours. Methods: A questionnaire was carried out to 159 teachers with 10 previously validated multiresponse questions. It evaluated the knowledge about emergency and dental trauma injuries of primary school teachers. Participated public schools, concerted and private of the Community of Madrid. Results: More than half of the sample have basic knowledge of performance. 84% can distinguish between temporary and permanent dentition. 67.92% believe that the tooth must be repositioned in its original place, although only 13.84% would reimplant it. Conclusions: It is necessary to raise awareness about the importance of the first action after a dental trauma to reduce the post traumatic sequelae.