Faculty: Facultad de Veterinaria

Research group: Diagnosis and Control of Animals Diseases with Zoonotic Interest

Email: tayllsan@uax.es

Doctor by the Universidad Complutense de Madrid with the thesis Enfermedades vectoriales en gatos de la Comunidad de Madrid estudio serológico, molecular y epidemiológico de la infección por "Ehrlichia spp, Anaplasma spp, Neorickttesia spp, Leishmania spp y Bartonella spp" 2009. Supervised by Dr. A. Sainz.

Degree in Veterinary Medicine from the Complutense University of Madrid (UCM, 2003), obtaining the 3rd best academic record and the Extraordinary Award in Veterinary Medicine. Diploma of Advanced Studies within the doctoral program of Veterinary Sciences (UCM) and Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine obtaining the highest qualification (2009). Research career focused on the study of multiple (re)emerging infectious diseases, especially vector-borne infectious agents, and antibiotic resistance. Scientific career developed in six countries, including 48 months as a postdoctoral fellow in Germany and Brazil since 2012 (Free University of Berlin, Fluminense Federal University of Niteroi and Oswaldo Cruz Foundation, Brazil). Co-author of 20 publications (first author of eight), > 65% Q1 in their area. Regular scientific reviewer of five indexed journals. PI and associated researcher in 17 national and international research projects funded by public and private companies. Participation in multiple scientific congresses. Veterinarian for the Community of Madrid and collaborator in different public health institutions and private companies in project management and clinical trials. Solid academic career, participating in teaching activities at Alfonso X el Sabio and Complutense Universities and other national and foreign institutions, coordinating different subjects, supervising Master and PhD students and participating in PhD defense committees. Lecturer in a national master, international courses and postgraduate programs (AEVA, Spain; NUPEM/UFRJ, Brazil; and Fiocruz, Brazil), and impartation of conferences and online seminars in different Universities and institutions (VetEnVIVO, Spain; Fiocruz, Brazil; University of Bologna, Italy; University of Porto and University of Lisbon, Portugal) completing more than 2,500 hours of teaching activity. Six-year research periods recognized by CNEAI (Spain) and Academic Accreditation for the positions of Associate Professor and Professor of Private University, by ANECA (Spain). As a complement to my academic, professional and personal training, I have made several research stays in 8 international institutions, as well as multiple training courses.